Waiting room   

Performance by Wunderkind Collective perfromance at Performance Art Oslo in 2015. Sound created by Einar Tönsberg.
WAITING ROOM explores the themes of sexuality - the surreal and absurd - the suppressed and unconscious - the sublime - the everyday and pop-culture. How do signature poses (body postures and facial expressions), that we see repeatedly flowing in between the mass media, social media, movies and porn, come to existence? How have these repetitional poses reached the point where they have become a cultural standard, a definition of ideal beauty, sexiness and desirable masculinity and femininity? At a glance these poses might seem like the results of peoples perception of the media.  

“Sexuality can be understood as a motivational force determining the shapes and forms of all visual experience and all visual representations and perceptions, from how we identify in everyday life to the making and interpretation of the so-called masterpieces of Western art, as well as Hollywood film and other mass cultural images. Such inevitably sexually driven investments are seen as profoundly conditioning, the making, distribution, display, and reception of art and visual culture in all its forms, making it undeniably clear just how important it is to explore the development of beliefs about sexuality if we want to gain a full understanding of Euro – American modern and contemporary art and art discourse.”

Amelia Jones, Sexuality, documents of contemporary Art, (p.12)

Sound - Waiting
Sound - What Are You Waiting For?

Photographs by Pietro Pellini