The Next Big Thong

The Next Big Thong is a performance by duo Wunderkind Collective. The work was commissioned by Sexy Bydel and exhibited at Oslo Culture Night in September 2017. 

We are now said to be in an era of post-feminism, i.e. the idea that equality has been achieved and thus feminism is no longer needed. In the era of post-feminism, everything can be labelled as a feminist act, even actions that contribute to gender stereotypes. In this performance we have a specific interest in acts which are intended to make the woman more desirable.
But does that mean beauty is a taboo? Can beauty be empowering? Is it not a basic desire, to want to look good? Or is beauty a tool of oppression? Why is beauty and sexism so closely intertwined? Is beauty a uniform? Like a vest and a helmet for a construction worker? How do uniforms normalize, allow and even demand certain behaviors?
The performance The Next Big Thong, explores these themes of beauty, consumerism and post-feminism, through a surreal scenario where identical twins play beach volleyball in large underground parking lot in the financial district in Oslo.