Dialectic Bubble

Created by It´s the Media Not You, a collaboration between artists Eva Ísleifs, Rakel McMahon and Katrin I. Hjördísardóttur-Jónsdóttur. The  group aims to investigate performance as method and medium. The Dialectic Bubble was exhibited in 2019 at Ltd. Ink. Corporation in Edinburgh, Scotland.
A durational quiet game that lasts for days.  Anonymously we write our thoughts down into speech bubbles wanting to expose our fragility and constructively, both abstractly and literally. A circulation between the initiative and response.

We would like to physically represent thoughts (scrawl them down) that can relay our relationship. Our dialog becomes a visual representation of our relationship, the construction of it, debate, relatedness and agreements. Something that we want to expose, the specific territories of collaborative working, togetherness. That said this might resemble various methods used in couples counseling.

We want to reveal fragility

The riskiness of words

The unsoundness of words

The vulnerability of the bubble

The can't-touch-this element