18 Holes

Portraits of 18 muddy puddles, series of digital photographs 2016/2017. Exhibited Rollin Snowball #12 at Djúpivogur, Iceland. 

The works are a part of series of photographs which explore how identity and stereotypes are displayed and stated through sports, activities, behaviour and images. In these works the artist deals with idealism and realism in her own environment and culture. How, Icelandic culture has become unfamiliar and slightly exotic through stereotypes and branding. How does the image or archetype of Iceland and “real” icelander identify with Icelandic reality and daily life?

The subject of the works, deal with this outwardly branding and image making – how the pure, untouched beauty of Icelandic nature is displayed and sold to foreigners. One could say some sort of a marriage of Icelandic virginal nature and Icelandic masculinity.

The works reflect this constant juxtaposition of the two opposites - Where the melancholic ashen-faced Icelandic reality meets/ with the breathtaking, pure, mystique and spectacular.